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Iran voted for the nuclear weapons program before it didn’t vote for it

By • Feb 7th, 2005 • Category: Politics, the Ranter

OK…..I was reading this article over at Yahoo news. I’m thinking there’s a contradiction there…..

First Rohani says:

If such an attack (against Iran’s atomic facilities) takes place then of course we will retaliate and we will definitely accelerate our activities to complete our (nuclear) fuel cycle.

This to me means they will accelerate their nuclear weapons program in order to use nuclear weapons in a counter-attack. But, just a few lines later you read this:

Iran says its nuclear program will be used to generate electricity, not make bombs.

So which is it? Are they doing this just to make electricity? Are they really up to no good and planning to use their facilities to produce weapons grade material? I think we all know the answer….

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