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MSM continues to distort Terri’s situation…

By • Mar 21st, 2005 • Category: ProLife, Satan Laughs, the Ranter

OK…..Here we go. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the news wires persistently call this a “right-to-die” case, these “journalists” are obviously promoting their own agenda by continuing to distort the truth. It’s no wonder so many people are against saving Terri’s life when they are getting fed crap like this:

Schiavo’s husband, Michael Schiavo, said he was outraged that congressional leaders were intervening in the contentious right-to-die battle.

Of course he’s outraged. He is sick and tired of paying her medical bills, of not being able to marry the woman he’s already had two kids by since Terri got sick and of having to pretend he loves his wife so much that he wants to see her die (does that really make sense).

She can breathe on her own, but has relied on the feeding tube to keep her alive.

The only reason she relies on the feeding tube to keep her alive is that her husband decided that was less expensive than getting food the normal way. She can swallow and eat food just like the rest of us. But the MSM is not telling us this, are they?

Brian Schiavo, Michael’s brother, said he spent Sunday afternoon with his brother and Terri at the hospice, but Terri did not move or make any noises. “Anybody that thinks that she talks and responds, they need to have a mental health examination,” he said.

In a situation like this, you can make the noises and reactions out to be what you want them to be. I’ll admit that. But in a case like this, would it be better to err on the side of caution? You can hear an MP3 of Terri here at Jimmy Akin’s place. But the MSM isn’t really giving you a chance to decide are they? By including the inflammatory remarks by someone who is probably not certified or trained in any medical field, the MSM have shown a bias here.

Taking the Senate’s lead, the House early Monday passed a bill to let the woman’s parents ask a federal judge to prolong Schiavo’s life by reinserting her feeding tube.

This is a perfect example. The use of the word “prolong” shows an obvious bias on the part of the writer. “Extend” would have been a much more neutral word to use. But I guess Ms. Chachere left her thesaurus at home. Here’s the story I got the quotes from.

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