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By • Mar 29th, 2005 • Category: In My Mail, ProLife, the Church

I got this in my email yesterday…… It’s just a bunch of words, but it really makes you think about current events.

Here’s a riddle for you:
If it happens to a dog, it’s cruelty.
If it happens to a child, it’s abuse.
If it happens to a prison inmate, it’s cruel and unusual punishment.
If it happens in a “third world” country, it’s a tragic circumstance.
But if it happens to an elderly or disabled person, suddenly it’s a gentle
and dignified passage.
What is it?
– Unknown

The answer is obvious. I would not be surprised if there were places for the elderly and disabled to go before too long to be starved to death. Instead of nice term like “hospice”. Let’s be sure to call them what they really are…….”concentration centers”……..

Hat tip to Kathy R for the quote.

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