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Strong words from a Spanish Priest

By • Jun 17th, 2005 • Category: ProLife, the Church

Hola Padre Salinas! I hope you are reading this. I am sorry I could not approve your comment to my blog, as it was a little off topic. However, I feel it’s import for people to know what you have to say about the current political state of the government of Spain. I have therefore decided to give your comment a post where it is on topic, a post where it is the topic.

As a Spanish Catholic priest I pray you to support this rally and to pay your attention to this event.
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Family does matter
Madrid, june 18th – March


The Spanish government is implementing initiatives which attack the foundations of the family as a natural living environment and a most effective human bond.

In practice, it purports to identify same-sex unions with the institution of marriage, going as far as legalizing the adoption of children by homosexuals.

These initiatives are an attack aginst the institution of marriage and violate the right of children to have both a mother and a father.

Other governemental measures are equally worrying: unilateral and ground-free divorces are legalized (for marriages lasting more than three months), the right to life is gradually weakened, increasing limits are imposed upon parents regarding the education of their children, and religious expression and morality are banished from public life.

Faced with such initiatives which are contrary to human dignity, we demand that the government and all political movements:

a) withdraw the law proposal rendering same-sex unions equivalent to marriage, and enforce a legal framework which guarantees that children for adoption may have both a mother and a father, in accordance with the UN convention on childrené─˘s rights;

b) enforce a fully protective policy for families, based on mutual commitment and equality between man and woman, which creates a stable environment for generations to come and constitutes the most effective form of social solidarity;

c) esteem and support the freedom of parents to decide on their childrené─˘s education, in particular by letting parents take responsibility for their moral, civil and religious upbringing;

d) provide a legal framework which guarantees that all human life be respected;

e) acknowledge that religious movements help individuals commit themselves to a more caring, just and equal society

Because families do count, because there is a right to have a mother and a father and because freedom deserves to be defended, we ask policy-makers, social groups and each citizen to respect effectively this declaration. We call all citizens to a protest march from Cibeles Square in Madrid to Puerta del Sol on June 18th as of 6 p.m.

Madrid, May 27th, 2005.

I will be sure to keep you and your country in my prayers.

If you speak Spanish, be sure to check out Padre Salinas’ blog here.

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  1. Marc, I thank you very much your decission. In fact my message was off the topic but dinČąt find a better way to communicate with you. The rally I speak about is very well organized by a platform named FEF (Spanish forum for Family) which coordinates more than 300 groups and lay associations. The Conference of Bishop of Spain has supported the march and at least 20 Spanish Bishops will be present among a crowd of families with parents, young people and children. The Government is creating as much troubles as possible. We need prayers and the sympathy of other christian and free nations. God bless you and your nation.

  2. Thank you father! I hope the rally is a success. I know Spain, like all of western Europe is in need of our prayers.

  3. I am a Christian (not Catholic) living in Spain and what Padre Salinas fails to mention is that the leader of the political party he supports (Partido Popular), Mariano Rajoi, has been divorced around 3 times and the party has MANY homosexuals in it. Not to mention the priests who were invloved in child pornography not long ago. There’s quite a bit of hipocrasy involved. I don’t fully agree with the current government. I am for homosexuals having the same rights as any other person, yet I disagree with them being able to adopt children. However, the protest was all about being ‘for the family’, and I can assure you that the PSOE (current governing party) is not ‘against’ the family as many would like others to believe. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, I just wanted to add my two cents.

  4. smf – Thank you for the comment. I agree that full disclosure should be made in such things and polite discourse is never offensive. However, I fail to see your point. I fully supported President Bush in his bid for re-election. I am not however a Republican nor do I endorse the Republican party candidates just because of their affiliations. I also strongly disagree with some of his platform positions. I make an informed decision based on my Christian faith who the best leader for my country (or state, or county or city, etc.) would be. Notice I said best and not perfect. No one presently walking this Earth is perfect. If Padre Salinas is the man I believe him to be, he has done the same thing. I will grant that I may be wrong about him as I do not know him. But until a man, especially a priest of God gives me reason to think otherwise, I will always give him the benefit of the doubt.

  5. I agree partially with smf, but I need to add some important details. First, the writting gently posted by Marc was not mine but of the Spanish Forum of the Family, an umbrella which include more than 200 lay associations in Spain. I supported his rally and took part in it, together with 20 bishops, many parish priests and, above all, several hundred of thousands citizens.
    The Popular Party joined a popular movement without iniciating it. Mariano Rajoy, the Chief of PP was not among manifestators. I agree with smf in the perception of the ambiguity of PP in moral issues. It is true that there are homosexuals among PP afiliates and that the chief ot the platform of PP gays , Carlos Biendicho, criticized and opposed in the media to this march. After all, the rally has been a major success and is opening the eyes to many people, specially among sincere Catholics, who now are aware of the lack of convictions in our politicians, who move themselves with the logics of a vote marketing.
    Excuse my defficient English and Gog bless you.

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