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Microsoft allows Net cafes in the Philippines to buy cheaper Windows licenses

By • Nov 14th, 2005 • Category: Software, the Geek, The Philippines

But you still have to pay full price for personal use. Does that make sense???

“MICROSOFT Philippines will allow Internet cafes to purchase the cheaper, original commercial equipment manufacturer (COEM) license for Windows, but for a limited time only, officials announced on Friday.

Microsoft said that this move responds to clamor by Internet shop owners who recently had difficulty purchasing the original Microsoft Windows operating system due to alleged shortage of supply in the local market after a government crackdown on unlicensed software.

Microsoft Philippines licensing specialist Jasmin So said that the COEM for the Windows operating system will be available to Internet cafes and other consumers until November 30, 2005.

‘The COEM licenses can now be bought by the public without the need to purchase the bundled hardware. This is in response to the clamor for Windows software by the public. This is one way we can help them,’ added Mae Rivera-Moreno, Microsoft Philippines PR and community affairs manager.”

Microsoft wouldn’t have this problem it hadn’t been so easy to pirate their software in the Philippines in the first place, or if they weren’t so greedy with their prices. What has happened here is that the net cafes set a cost to their service based on the cost they had at the time. That cost included he cost of software. Now the cost of software is going up for them, but they can’t raise prices due to the fact that prices are already higher than a lot of people can afford. It’s really a loose-loose situation for them. But I have an alternative for them to paying the high Microsoft licensing fees. They can find it here.

[Microsoft allows Net cafes to buy cheaper Windows licenses –]

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