Charlie Hunnam on the Nerdist Podcast

I tend to gush about The Nerdist podcast. I will admit. Chris, Matt and Jonah always keep it fun to listen to while diving deep into the interviews with the guests. I think the personal connection with Chris adds to my enjoyment of the show. I have fond memories playing video games at his dad’s bowling alley. Our parents were also friends.


It’s hard to say one stands out among the rest, because they are all so good.  But every now and then I feel the need to point out one that I really enjoyed. The episode with Charlie Hunnam is one of those. It was interesting to hear some of his story and realize both how different and how similar he is to the character Jax that he plays on Sons of Anarchy. I twas also interesting to hear him talk about his desire to bring a movie to big screen about Vlad the Impaler. So go give it a listen.