Wherein I blog about Kevin Pollak thanks to Adam Baldwin

I just found Kevin Pollak’s (@kevinpollak) twitter feed through Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin), whose tweets I love to read. I’m really glad I did. He is hilarious! While I’ve admire a lot of the roles he’s played including The Usual Suspects, I have a certain synchronicity involving him that is one of the more amusing experiences I have in my life.  It seems that anytime the film She’s All That is on TV, I happen to be channel surfing and land on it at the exact point int he movie where his character is watching Jeopardy and answering all the questions (in the form of a question of course) wrong.  I typically laugh until my belly hurts. I’m not really sure why either. It’s not that funny a scene, especially if you’ve already seen it.  I guess it’s simply the surreal nature of the whole experience. I’ll probably never know for sure.

None of that really matters though. What matters is that your life is incomplete if you’re not following either one of these guys. So make your life complete…NOW!